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Welcome to the Studio Ariane

Located in Brussels with quick access to the European institutions, the Studio Ariane offers a wide range of services for your audiovisual productions : TV shows, digital content, commercials, multicam productions... Our 140 square meter facility is fully equipped for all your needs whether in equipment or space also providing several other services such as a secure parking lot and a high speed internet connection.

Our Spaces


Studio floor



DSC01096 1.jpg

Control room

DSC01140 1.jpg

Secure Parking

Studio Map


Studio Features

Parking dock

Make it easier to deliver materials


The studio is equipped with 3 UPS to secure the electrical installation


Connected to 3 wall boxes placed in every single corner of our studio

Three-phase electricity

32A three-phase electricity, ideal for your lighting installations

High Speed Internet

We are equiped with fiber internet guaranteeing you optimal internet connection


Allows you to have a direct contact with the main boardcasters

Interested ?

Contact us now ! We will get back to you as soon as possible.


Avenue Ariane 31
1200 Bruxelles

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